1. Here is a process gif for the drawing in my last post, "Do you ever wonder about forest spirits?" Had no plans to record the process, but I have a convenient habit of keeping a lot of save states (there’s this paranoia of not being able to go back and fix things, do you happen to have it too?). I'm going to try to do posts like these more often to see how my process changes and evolves between each drawing.

    I lost the sketch for this, but going in, I figured out the general composition I wanted with the characters walking in a line surrounded by a forest. With that already determined, I begin really rough with loose shapes in Illustrator (I always have this open) since I’ve been trained to think in anchor points! Probably could have saved a step by going directly into Photoshop with the pen tool. 

    Thank you to all that purchased this print at AX last weekend and talked to me about my work! I’ll be there again next year.


  2. Do you ever wonder about forest spirits?

    Here’s a print I’ve made for AX - you can find me at table B14! Not that many new things this year but I will be happy to see new and old faces.

    Ghibli films have been an everlasting source of inspiration for me, since I first watched the dubbed version of My Neighbor Totoro as a five year old. I’ve always enjoyed imagining these stories existing in the same universe, so here they are as spirits lighting the way through the woods. Can you place each character in their movie?

    It has been far too long, but I’m trying to get back into the drawing and the swing of things after being busy with school for years. There have been many ideas for illustrations and doodles that I want to exist, but I’m trying to take my time to experiment with my process since I haven’t drawn something so involved in such a long time.

    I’ll try to make a process post about it soon!


  3. Look, I’m on Tumblr ma! Slowly uploading new work to Behance and my website…. slowly…


    Personal Cards

    Brigitte La

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  4. Sneak peek!


  5. The height of my academic education: hot dog patterns.


  6. Was supposed to be a WIP Wednesday post but my illustrator crashed…


  7. hellookimmi:


    This will help me remember how I felt at this moment (numbered days before our show), in the future.

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  8. I impulsively bought a really big whale shark plush in Mong Kok, Hong Kong early in my trip. Consequently, I had to carry him through airport security in the Philippines, rainy streets and crowded subways in Tokyo, and all the way back home in California.


  9. Back from Tokyo - not exactly jetlagged but can’t exactly sleep either.


  10. No. 6 - Sausage & Mushroom.

    Growing up, this was probably my favorite pair of toppings. A solid choice when I don’t know what to order.